IMMAF European Open: Total Medals Won

With the 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships fast approaching, takes a look at which nations have hauled the biggest medal totals, combining the tally of each country from European Opens of the past 2 years. Last week reviewed the most successful national teams through their accumulation of gold medals. Today we list 8 nations who have seen the highest overall number of athletes make their way to the podium.

The 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships take place from 29 March to 2 April in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sweden: 16 medals

Team Sweden

Team Sweden at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships in Las Vegas, USA.

x2 Gold – Joel Moya Schondorff, Rostem Akman (185lbs)
x4 Silver – Anja Saxmark (125lbs), Cornelia Holm (145lbs), Gabriella Ringblom (135lbs), Iman Smajic (265lbs)
x2 Bronze – Renato Vidovic (135lbs), Ante Agneby (145lbs)
x5 Gold – Serdar Altas (125lbs), Renato Vidovic (135lbs), Cornelia Holm (135lbs), Gold: Daniel Schalander (145lbs), Rostem Akman (185lbs)
x2 Silver – Gabriella Ringblom (125lbs), Irman Smajic (265lbs)
x1 Bronze – Hoger Salih (145lbs)

Bulgaria: 12 medals


Team Bulgaria at the 2016 European Open in Prague, Czech, Republic.

x2 Gold – Aleksandra Toncheva (115lbs), Daniel Galabarov (265lbs)
x1 Silver – Dorian Dermendzhiev (170lbs)
x1 Bronze – Tencho Karaenev (205lbs)
x5 Gold – Alexsandra Toncheva (115lbs), Ferdun Osmanov (155lbs), Nikolay Nikolov (170lbs), Daniel Galabarov (265lbs), Atanas Krastanov (+265lbs)
x1 Silver – Valeri Atanasov (185lbs)
x2 Bronze –  Tencho Karaenev (205lbs), Rostislav Raichev (135lbs)

Finland: 11 medals

Abdul Hussein

Former European Open and World amateur champion, Abdul Hussein.

x3 Gold – Varpu Rinne (135lbs), Sanna Merta (145lbs), Abdul Hussein (135lbs)
x1 Silver – Mia Isola (155lbs)
x2 Bronze – Sini Koivunen (155lbs), Inka Auvinen (125lbs)
x2 Silver – Kerttu Kouki (155lbs),  Matias Anttila (+265lbs)
x3 Bronze – Anette Osterberg (125lbs), Chamia Chabbi (135lbs), Iris Nihti (145lbs)

UK: 11 medals

Jake Bond and Warren Mason

Following the all British Flyweight final at the 2015 European Open: Warren Mason (center, left) and Jake Bond (center, right) alongside Team UK coaches John Maguire (left) and Nigel Burgess (right).

x2 Gold – Jake Bond (125lbs), Jack Shore (155lbs)
x1 Silver – Warren Mason (125lbs)
x4 Bronze – Amy Omara (115lbs), Connor Hitchens (145lbs), Hardeep Rai (170lbs), James Duckett (185lbs)
x1 Gold –Joanne Doyle (145lbs)
x3 Bronze – Kierandip Sahota (145lbs), Milad Ahady (155lbs), Tom Crosby (185lbs)

Italy: 9 medals

Team Italy 2016

Team Italy at the 2016 European Open Championships in Prague, Czech Republic.

x1 Silver – Marc Zannetti (135lbs)
x2 Bronze – Asterio Lucchesini (185lbs), Paolo Anastasi (205lbs)
x3 Silver – Marco Zannetti (135lbs), Michele Martignoni (145lbs), Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (170lbs)
x3 Bronze – Ilaria Norcia (125lbs), Arziko Bregu (135lbs), Paolo Anastasi (205lbs)

Ireland: 8 medals

Team Ireland 2016

Team Ireland at the 2016 European Open in Prague, Czech Republic.

x1 Gold – Ben Forsyth (205lbs)
x4 Bronze – David Fogarty (125lbs), Thomas Martin (155lbs), Lee Hammond (155lbs), Ryan Spillane (265lbs)
x2 Silver – David Fogarty (125lbs), Lee Hammond (155lbs)
x1 Bronze: Alexander O’Sullivan (155lbs)

Norway: 6 medals


2016 European Open and World silver medalist, Camilla Mannes.

x2 Silver – Geir Kare Cemsoylu (155lbs), Marius Hakonsev (185lbs)
x2 Bronze – Jorden indestviken (170lbs), Camilla Mannes (135lbs)
x1 Silver – Silver: Camilla Mannes (135lbs)
x1 Bronze – Berat Berisha (265lbs)

Iceland: 5 medals

sunna and bjarki

Sunna Rannveig and Bjarki Palsson both won gold for Iceland at the 2015 European Open.

x2 Gold – Sunna Rannveig (125lbs), Bjarki Palsson (170lbs)
x1 Bronze -Petur Oskarsson (265lbs)
x1 Gold – Egill Hjordisarson (205lbs)
x1 Bronze – Magnus Ingvarsson (170lbs)


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Cyprus MMA Federation is Accepted by IMMAF

The Cyprus MMA Federation (CMMAF) has been approved as an observational member of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

Based in Limassol, the CMMAF was founded in 2012 to support the development of and to promote the country’s MMA athletes. The federation is managed by representative coaches from each member gym and club whose decisions and proposals are then evaluated by the organisation’s President and Board of Directors. The CMMAF has organised national championships and participation in international events, in which Cyprus’ national MMA team has achieved awards.

The CMMAF is formally recognised by the Cyprus government and by the Cyprus Sports Organisation (CSO), which sponsors its national team and events.

CMMAF President, Mr. Stefanos Charalampous, said:

“We are a young federation and we strive to do our best by our members and athletes. Our goal is to make this beautiful sport better recognised in our country and help our athletes progress in the right way. It is an honour and a privilege for our federation to be a part of IMMAF”

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IMMAF Champions Continue to Impress With Domestic Wins

Pictured above: Abdul Hussein’s hand is raised at the IMMAF World Championships in Las Vegas (left) and Joanne Doyle (right) steps up to receive the gold medal at last year’s European Open. 

Former IMMAF European Open and World amateur champion Abdul Hussein picked up a second professional victory on home soil over the weekend, securing a rear-naked-choke submission stoppage at Cage 38 in Helsinki, Finland, besting French opponent Stephan Sergei.

Hussein’s latest win at the pro level was his second under the banner of the prominent Finnish promotion, his professional debut having taken place during November of 2016 with a TKO victory over Italian Andre Colazingari.

Hussein remained undefeated as an amateur competing on the IMMAF international platform. He amassed an 8-0 record while earning Men’s Bantamweight gold medals at the 2015 European Open and 2016 World Championships, taking on opponents from across Europe, Oceania and the USA.

Meanwhile, reigning European Open Women’s Featherweight champion Joanne Doyle grabbed victories of her own over the weekend. The UK’s Yorkshire based competitor stepped in on a week’s notice and made the four hour trip south to Colchester for BCMMA 18, a promotion of which has hosted a multitude of local amateurs and IMMAF championship veterans from the UK, France and Scandinavia.

With a first round TKO stoppage from full mount, Doyle secured a swift victory over France’s Celine Provost, a veteran of the 2015 IMMAF European Open. Furthermore, Doyle’s busy weekend continued the following day, February 19, picking up victories on the submission grappling circuit.

Yesterday Doyle was interviewed live on Radio Yorkshire and later informed that she’s aiming to be matched again for competition during April/May with additional plans to remain active with grappling competitions.

By lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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FIGMMA Completes 2017 Italian National Team Trials

On February 19 the Italian Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts Federation (FIGMMA) oversaw finals of the National Amateur MMA Team Trials in Padova, organized by event director Gianpaolo Puggioni. The national finals identified the athletes now nominated to compete and represent Italy at the 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships, with full funding from FIGMMA.

A total of 4 athletes qualified for the finals in each weight category with a total 30 athletes from 15 clubs nationwide facing off for a spot on the national team.

The tournament was successfully run via the online tournament manager and all fighters competed with official gear provided by FIGMMA sponsor ADIDAS. Participants also received a complimentary mouthguard from new FIGMMA sponsor OPRO.

Returning Italian champions and international IMMAF veterans included, Francesco Spinola, Gianluigi Ventoruzzo, Ilaria Norcia and Arziko Bregu. All 4 secured victory and confirmed their spot on the national team, while all other weight classes saw new athletes conquering the top spot.

Athletes selected for the Italian National Team throughout 2017 include:

Alessandro Celadin – Bantamweight 61.2 kg (135 lbs)
Davide Baggieri Martini- Featherweight 65.8 kg (145 lbs)
Francesco Spinola – Lightweight 70.3 kg (155 lbs)
Gianluigi Ventoruzzo – Welterweight 77.1 kg (170 lbs)
Dario Bellandi – Middleweight 83.9 kg (185 lbs)
Gabriele Bartoni – Light Heavyweight 93 kg (205 lbs)
Daniele Matiddi – Heavyweight 120.2 kg (265 lbs)
Ilaria Norcia – Flyweight 56.7 kg (125 lbs)
Arziko Bregu – Bantamweight 61.2 kg (135 lbs)

Visit for results.
All matches are available to view online on the FIGMMA Youtube Channel.

The 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships take place from March 29 to April 2 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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One more step towards MMA Recognition in France!

News source:

The French Secretary of State for Sport, Thierry Braillard, announced in a press release on February 14 the creation of a watchdog for emerging practices in the field of martial arts and combat sports. This mission is entrusted to the President of the Confederation of Martial Arts and Combat Sports (CFAMSC) and the French Combat Federation, Alain Bertholom.

The creation of a watchdog was the main recommendation that came from the conclusions of the parliamentary mission on the practice of MMA, led by Senator Jacques Grosperrin and MP Patrick Vignal, whose report was released on November 8th.

According to the Secretary of State’s press release, the watchdog will have several objectives:
·        Identify the characteristics of each of the emerging disciplines,
·        Monitor the application and propose changes in technical and safety rules in mixed combat or mixed martial arts, fixed by regulation,
·        Create an inter-federal medical passport for sportsmen and women in combat sports or mixed martial arts which authorize knock-outs
·        Implement a review under the minister of sports for the evolution of a framework for the practices of mixed combat or mixed martial arts, and the implementation of a specific certification to ensure the safety of the practitioners

Another positive point attesting to the seriousness and importance attached to the watchdog is that it will be regulated by a state official.

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