EFC Africa 12 – JP “Tinkerbell” Kruger Debut Fight

You’ve heard what ‘The Whip’ had to say, now let’s chat to our champ!  


Raymond Phillips & JP Kruger

Q; Was there any sleep last night or is the adrenaline still pumping?
Not much sleep, but the win makes it all worth it.

Q: Describe the last strike. Did instinct and training take over?
Stuck to the game plan set by the coaches and myself, and from there the killer instinct took over. 

Q; How important are your corner men in your fights? 
Extremely important… They see the gaps I may not see in the heat of the moment and keep me focused on the game plan…and breathing…LOL

Q; How do you prepare yourself mentally for a fight, especially one of this standard and when you have crowds boo-ing and cheering?

I prepare mentally. I know I’m ready and I trained to fight an army. I also do a lot of visual game planning.  That is important, especially with the crowds.  You need to stay in the zone.

Q: This was your first EFC Africa fight. Do you consider yourself a ‘big boy’ now?
Haha, one must always stay humble and thank the Lord. There are no ‘big dogs’ in this business. You are only as good as your last fight.

Q; What’s next? When and who are you fighting?
Next…a week of rest and eating McDonalds.   Hahaha. Then back to training.  As for the next fight…I will probably know in the next few weeks.

Q; Any wise words for your fans, your students and inspired boys and girls?
Every punch, kick and breath – glorify the Lord. Stay clean and keep it real. Thank you for all the support!


Well done JP!  You’ve made your club, this organisation and your followers, very proud!

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