[London. 12 July 2019] The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) welcomes two new members in Switzerland and Nigeria – the Federazione Svizzera Mixed Martial Arl (MMASF) and the Nigerian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF).

Federazione Svizzera Mixed Martial (MMASF)

The MMASF has been established to promote and regulate MMA in Switzerland, where lies the heart of the Olympic movement. While its French-speaking region awaits the legalisation of MMA in France in September to follow suit, the sport is practised legally in the remainder of the country.

The federation is headed by Luigi Perillo, as President, who has twenty-five years in MMA, manages The Golden Cage and is involved in the promotion of Venator events in Europe.

Pictured: MMASF president Luigi Perillo alongside representative of Swiss French community, Bertrand Amoussou (left), alongside Swiss German community leader Patrick Drees (right).

Perillo outlined the MMASF’s first goals as follows:

“We are carrying out local promotions to give the opportunity to all national gyms and coaches, who are currently divided, to join a single federation. This will create a unity that will contribute a lot to the development of the sport, putting collaboration above individualism, which now only serves to limit sport development.

“During the past 10 days I have already managed to bring together representatives from the Swiss French, Swiss German and Swiss Italian regions. I also have a team of very good professional collaborators who have supported me in this mission and who I would like to thank – Giovanni Parisi, Sikvnao Trapella and Alberto Bastianelli.”

Nigerian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF)

The addition of the Nigerian Mixed Martial Arts Federation to IMMAF’s membership boosts the international federation’s expansion in Africa.

Partnered with Nigerian promotion, Dynamite Fighting Championship, the federation is headed by President Amb Henry George Nkoro who was recently awarded for his contribution to the sport in Nigeria.

The federation is working for recognition from the Nigerian Ministry of Sport. President Nkoro commented:

“In adherence to the IMMAF Code of Conduct and my avowed commitment to our sport, I hereby express my gratitude to the president and board of IMMAF for this great honour and trust in many years of hard work for the development of our multi-talented MMA athletes in Nigeria.”

Pictured: NMMAF president
Amb Henry George Nkoro receiving award for contributions to the sport of MMA

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