Information: Anti-Doping and COVID-19

>DOWNLOAD ADVICE FOR ATHLETES HERE 19 March 2019 The World Anti-doping Agency has advised that four accredited laboratories are temporarily suspending their activities and it is likely that more will follow. Currently Rome (Italy) Montreal (Canada), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain) have temporarily suspended operations and it is likely that more… […]

Dominican Republic MMA Federation recognised by IMMAF during President’s visit

President Kerrith Brown made an official visit to the Dominican Republic, last week, to meet with Dominican Republic MMA Federation President, Manuel Pagan, and Vice Minister of Sport, Marco Diaz. The Minister confirmed government support for the young federation, whose application for membership was formally accepted by IMMAF during the… […]

MMA in Italy Under the Cornovirus Lockdown

An Interview with Italian MMA Federation President Saverio Longo This month, Italy became the world’s centre of active Coronavirus cases, on 16 March reaching twice as many active cases of any other country including China and Iran combined. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has mandated a quarantine across all of Italy,… […]

Oceania Title Win Confirms Potential of World Silver Medalist Olivia Ukmar

While the coronavirus (Covid-19) has forced the postponement of the 2020 IMMAF Africa Open and Pan American Open Championships, IMMAF’s 2020 events calendar kicked off with the Oceania Open successfully hosted earlier this month in Australia. Taking place in Gold Coast from 6 – 8 March, Australia’s own Olivia Ukmar… […]

20 Indian states are represented at the MMA INDIA AGM

[via Sharif Mohammed Bapu, President MMA INDIA]  The Annual General Meeting of MMA INDIA was held yesterday, 15 March 2020, at Hotel Sea Princess Juhu in Mumbai. Twenty states were represented at the meeting, which was attended by 30 people. The represented states were as follows: Maharashtra, Gujarati, Rajasthan, Karnataka,… […]