Technical Seminar Preview: Marc Goddard on ‘The Importance of Regulation’

Since first joining the IMMAF Regulatory Affairs and Technical Committee in 2012, Marc Goddard’s integral contribution the drive for grass roots development and globally unified regulation of MMA has not ceased to evolve.

While managing a schedule as one of MMA’s most well traveled referees under the UFC banner and other standout professional events, Marc leads the official IMMAF program for education, certification and experience development of up-and-coming officials, including referee and judges on the IMMAF | WMMAA platform and throughout respective nations. In 2019 he formally joined the IMMAF administrative team as Director of Regulatory Affairs.

This year, the world renowned official will feature for the first time at the IMMAF | WMMAA Technical Seminar Weekend. The 2019 gathering, exclusively for IMMAF | WMMAA members, marks an opportunity to attend the most informative and insightful weekend on the IMMAF | WMMAA calendar, bringing together global stakeholders of national MMA development alongside figureheads of the IMMAF | WMMAA leadership.

The seminar schedule also includes: ‘The ABCs of Good Governance’ with IMMAF CEO Densign White, plus Andrew Moshanov (Sport Development Director): ‘Coaching: Is it Art or Science?’

Marc Goddard’s featured seminar and discussion, ‘The Importance of Regulation’, focuses on the understanding of shared responsibilities for governing the sport and elemental aspects of thorough governance that are overlooked.

The discussion is set to cover the following areas:

1] The importance of regulation and why officials should no longer be an afterthought.
2] Keeping officials trained, tested and vetted, and why this is important.
3] Why regulation does not only cover fight day activities and duties.
4] Collective responsibility between regulators and promoters
5] Athlete safety, merging and managing regulation with medical protocol before, during and after competition.

The 2019 Technical Seminar Weekend in hosted this month from October 18-20 in Antalya, Turkey, at the Papillion, Ayscha Resort.

Click HERE for full details and information on how to book your place at the 2019 IMMAF | WMMAA Technical Seminar Weekend.

By lead writer: Jorden Curran

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