Instructor, Sempei or Sensei….the how and who

Any student who becomes a senior black belt, will not be recognised as a Sensei or Sempei until he/she has officially applied for this position through XKT Head Quarters and completed all the outlined courses set by XKT. Upon completion of the course, he/she will undergo a probation period of 12 months, followed by an interview before the Shihankai:- Raymond Phillips, Peet van Breda, Jacque Bosch, Jaco Pretorius, Anita Phillips, (no less than 4 members at the interview).

If a black belt has no interest in becoming a Sempei or Sensei he/she will be known on their level of black belt, (e.g. 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and so on), and will have no Instructor rank. If a lower belt student shows an interest in becoming an Instructor same procedure will be followed as with application of becoming Sempei or Sensei and student will get to wear a special multi-coloured belt, red and white, and higher belts, brown and white. Black belt students who are doing an Instructor course will have a black and white belt.

If any student or black belt student shows initiative in becoming an instructor, his/her Instructor can appoint this student as a “Sempei”. Any person under the age of 21 years cannot be a Sensei unless special permission has been granted by the XKT Shihankai. He/she will be graded according to maturity, responsibility, teaching ability and liability.


This is a list of the affiliated and recognised Senseis in XKT:

Sensei Eddie Theron

Sensei Jared Archer

Sensei Rina Labuschagne

Sensei Martin Groenewald

Sensei JP Kruger

Sensei Nicolaas Annandale

Sensei Pieter de Klerk

Sensei Brandt Ehlers

Sensei Albert Wessels

Sensei Matthew Dalton

Sensei Gerhard Bezuidenhout

Sensei Laurence du Plessis

Sensei Johan Vosloo

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