French Polynesia becomes the First French Territory to Legalise MMA


In France’s mainland the Sports Ministry has postponed its decision about the guardianship of MMA and its legalisation until February. Meanwhile, in France’s overseas territory of French Polynesia, a Public Service Delegation (DSP) was granted on December 27 for the Federation of Wrestling, mixed martial arts, jiu jitsu and associated disciplines (FPLALDA) to supervise the practice of MMA and Amateur MMA competitions. A decree was published on January 3 in the Official Journal of French Polynesia.

A Public Service Delegation can only be granted to a sports federation by the country’s President on the advice of the French Polynesia Olympic Committee: The mandate bestows on the federation a monopoly over technical rules and regulations, official competitions, education, insurance and licensing, as well as disciplinary authority. The term, ‘Polynesian Federation’, is only legally permitted in the company name of organisations that have been granted the DSP.

In an interview with news outlet Tahiiti Info, FPLALDA President, Hiro Lemaire, commented :

“This Public Service Delegation will also allow us to organise a Polynesia MMA Championships this year, and will allow our fighters to represent French Polynesia in the context of international competitions. This will apply in March for the (IMMAF) Oceania MMA Championships in Australia.”

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