Afghan MMA Community Comes Together; Over 250 Athletes Compete in Kabul Event

The inspiring power of community was recently on display within Afghanistan’s developing MMA scene.

National regulatory body, The Afghan MMA Federation (AMMAF), which caters to grass roots development of MMA within the nation, welcomed over 250 young athletes to compete at an amateur championships in Kabul on January 9.

“254 athletes participated from 11 provinces,” the AMMAF stated. “It was very effective for the development of Amateur MMA and its athletes, many who travel from far provinces for their wish to compete in these events, and so we pave the ground for them. They gained good experience before returning home to their provinces, Afghan people are very talented and these athletes will be selected step by step for eventual world competition. We hope they will continue to train and experience these events until they have enough experience for the IMMAF world level. The Afghanistan MMA Federation looks forward to continuing the journey of being an active IMMAF member.”

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