Angelo Tarantini pioneers ‘new generation of cutman’ in Italy.

By lead writer, Jorden Curran

International cutman Angelo Tarantini (pictured above) was featured in Italy’s S&H Magazine on January 10, in an interview highlighting the importance of using certified and professional seconds for martial arts events.

Tarantini served as a cutman at IMMAF championships throughout 2017, including the European Open, Asian Open and World Championships where he worked under IMMAF course leader, Joseph Clifford.

Also an experienced Muay Thai coach, Tarantini was a practicing cutman prior to achieving official certification. He has since been a part of Joe Clifford’s revolution within the industry, taking on further education for the past three years, having been instrumental in bringing educational courses to Italy along with the Italian governing body, Federazione Italiana Grappling Mixed Martial Arts (FIGMMA).

“In Italy, the professional figure of the cutman is little known,” Tarantini explained, highlighting that regional promoters will often overlook the need for educated and certified professionals.

S&H Magazine picked up on his international travels for IMMAF amateur championships in addition to professional events, and formulated an article that has since appeared in several online news outlets.

“I explained the importance of having a cutman, for the safeguarding of athletes. I spoke of injuries to the hands and how important it is to have correct handwraps. Hand injuries represent 80% of injuries to athletes in our sports.

 “I explained that we are cutmen of a new generation, coming from the official IMMAF and SAFE MMA certified courses, we use only natural products for the treatments of lacerations and epistaxis.”

Men and women continue to progress through the grades of IMMAF certified courses. The next Grade C course takes place in Dublin, 17-18 February. This 2 day course is designed as an educational resource promoting athlete safety and duty of care to coaches working in MMA clubs and anyone working closely with MMA fighters and participants in training or competition.

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