Apprentice Cutwoman Beccy Davies discusses her first 6 months

Pictured above – the 2017 IMMAF European Open cuts team, from left to right: Beccy Davies, Liam Bowes, Jessica Isaacson, Joe Clifford, Kevin Finn, Paulo Benedito, Angelo Tarantino, Bob Plant. 

For years Rebecca Davies has contributed to the sport of mixed martial arts in the UK on multiple levels. Her unquestionable enthusiasm for MMA has resulted in regular blogging and written contributions to websites, as well as serving as an event commissioner for standout promotion BAMMA. That same enthusiasm for education and personal growth has since seen her pursue the goal of becoming a trained and certified Cutwoman.

Over the past six months Beccy has began her journey towards accreditation via the official IMMAF Certification Course and is the newest addition to Joe Clifford’s ‘Minute Medicine Man’ cuts team. As a veteran cutman who has worked in top flight MMA for the UFC, and in 2016 with the AIBA boxing team at the Rio Olympics, Clifford himself is the former apprentice of industry master Bob Plant and has sparked a progressive shift within the scene, setting the bar for education and certification where there was none before, with a commitment to ensuring safe and responsible medical practice with all natural treatments.

Beccy discussed her first impressions of the cuts industry having spent time shadowing experienced veterans as they  work on hand wrapping and the treatment of superficial damage. In the past, Joe Clifford himself has expressed his thoughts towards how it could be tough for women to be welcomed in what is a generally male dominated corner of combat sport, but the Minute Medicine Man team currently features 3 flourishing female apprentices and Beccy has thoroughly enjoyed the welcome received from senior experts, much like her experiences as a commissioner and media contributor.

Beccy and Anton

Hands wrapped: Beccy alongside Swedish athlete Anton Turkalj

“I have only been training as a Cutwoman for the past 6 months,” Beccy explained to “So I’m very new to all this, but as I have worked as a female in the industry with BAMMA as a commissioner for a good couple of years and as a writer for Addicted.Otr for nearly 2 years, I feel that I have eased into it without any bumps so far. I have had nothing but support from the BAMMA and Addicted teams in everything I do so I’ve not yet faced any chauvinism or similar from anyone and do hope that I don’t get any on this journey. The support I have had from Joe Clifford and Bob Plant as my mentors have been outstanding and I’m in weekly contact with Irish Cuts woman Jessica Isaacson as a friend and colleague. I have also been blessed to have worked alongside high level Cutmen such as Adam Gigli, Jamie Sheldon and Jason Fielding at BAMMA and have received a good vibe off them when I have told them what I would like to achieve in the Cuts world. MMA is an ever evolving sport and in reality should have no room for chauvinistic thoughts or actions.”

Beccy reflected on her motivation for seeking out new experiences within MMA and how she remains committed to learning even while dealing with physical setbacks; the path to gaining necessary experience and knowledge takes time and patience. Beccy was recently given her first opportunity to get hands on experience at a live event, under the watchful eye of her mentor, at the 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“My motivation would be the passion I have for MMA, watching the people in it and the passion they have in each role. If I didn’t love the sport I wouldn’t be able to push and drive myself, especially as I have a problem with my back and I’m waiting for an operation, but nothing can hinder the path I wish to take. It has become a slow process to get there as there aren’t as many shows in Wales in which to shadow a cuts person or practice my hand wrapping. I still have a long way to go with lots of work in regards to the treatments side but I am adamant I will get there. I have another exam to take this year along with lots of shadowing and practice. The only event I have worked on so far is IMMAF Bulgaria so I have lots to do this year.

“As an older female my journey has only just begun in this role so I hope to gain recognition and become the best that I can be to serve the fighters who make this their passion.”

By lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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