Australian MMA Federation Responds to Oceania Open Success

The IMMAF 2020 Oceania Open concluded on Sunday, March 8, at Palm Beach in the city of Gold Coast, Australia. As the host nation, Australia fielded the largest squad of athletes and as a result were able to top the medal table.

Richie Cranny, president of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia (IMMAFA), share his thought followign the championship’s conclusion:

Richie Cranny (left) alongside former IMMAFA president Joe Minehan

The 2020 Oceania Open is now in the books as the biggest amateur mixed martial arts event in Australian history and Team Australia’s most successful IMMAF Tournament to date.

The most exciting thing to come from this year’s Oceania for me and our IMMAFA federation is the new talent that’s been discovered here over the past year, both junior and senior, which will only help inspire and demonstrate to other athletes out there what amazing pathways we can now offer those that are serious about competing at the world class amateur level and willing to put in the work to do so.

Also, it’s been a year where we’ve added some exceptional coaches to our national team such as Brian Ebersole, Alan Philpott and Renato Subotic as well as IMMAF veteran Joseph Luciano, all of which bring unique skill sets and experience which head coach Ed Bavelock has utilised brilliantly. So with 14 medals, new coaches and some exciting new talent which will be around for some time, Australia is only going get stronger over the coming years and we look forward to supporting other host federations in 2020 by sending our athletes to compete around the world as we prepare for our best showing at the worlds to date this October.

Richie Cranny

Main picture: 2020 Oceania Open men’s strawweight champion, Troy Fumo

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