Bulgarian National Amateur MMA Team Trials: Review & Results

The BULMMAF National Trials were held on 4 February in the city of Stara Zagora at Sports Hall “DZU”.

Qualifying bouts for the 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships took place in addition to competition across numerous age brackets. The 2017 IMMAF European Open takes place in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, from 28 March to 2 April.

The BULMMAF age brackets included:

12-13 years old
14-15 years old
16-17 years old
18+ years old (qualification for 2017 European Open)

Contests between young athletes under the age of 18 included head gear with bouts taking place on open mats. Team qualifying bouts (18+) were conducted in the cage under official IMMAF unified amateur rules.

The national championship event showcased a total of 360 athletes from across the country, from 32 individual BULMMAF member clubs.

Champions of the national trials have earned the opportunity to join Bulgaria’s national amateur MMA team for the 2017 European Open. The newest team members will join the 8 medalists who featured at last year’s European Open in Prague, Czech Republic. BULMMAF President Stanislav Nedkov previously ruled that Bulgaria’s reigning European Open medalists would retain their place on the national team and thus were exempt from qualifying.

The official team lineup will soon be finalized and registered following a national team training camp.

The event mirrored that of IMMAF championships with Bulgaria being the first nation to gear up an entire national championships with Green Hill equipment brandishing the federation logo. Athletes competed with opposing red and blue shorts, rash guards, gloves and shin guards, all provided by Green Hill who are the official kit provider for IMMAF events. Competitors under the age of 18 were also required to wear Green Hill head guards.

BULMMAF gloves

BULMMAF stated: “Athletes from the ages of 12 to 17 were really happy and thankful that they competed in blue and red colors and that they had the opportunity to be like the 18+ athletes. All of our athletes were extremely happy to compete in the same equipment that IMMAF use for its big events such as the European Open and World Championships.

“Our special guest was IMMAF president Mr. Kerrith Brown who came to Bulgaria for our National Trials. We are really thankful for his support and that of IMMAF.”

National Team Trials results:

(Athlete, club)



1. Antoniya Kalacheva, SC Viking INS

2. Yanka Delcheva, MMA Spartak Kardzhali



1. Nikolay Ivaylov, Lokomotiv Gorna Oryahovitsa

2. Oktay Arif, SC Viking INS


1. Denislav Hadjiev, Arhangel Stara Zagora

2. Hristo Hristov, SC Viking INS

3. Kristian Popov, SC Spartak Sozopol

3. Kosta Kostov, Arhangel Stara Zagora


1. Delyan Georgiev, Desant Varna

2. Borislav Angelov, Atila Stara Zagora

3. Georgi Georgiev, Atila Stara Zagora

3. Diyan Shkodrov, Desant Varna


1. Yordan Marinov, MMA Varna

2. Hristoslav Hristov, Desant Varna

3. Yasen Dobrev, SC Viking INS

3. Antonio Grigorov, Desant Varna


1. Ventsislav Ivanov, Lokomotiv GO

2. Konstantin Angelov, SC Viking INS

3. Georgi Ivanov, Bushido Yambol

3. Mitko Iliev, Atila Stara Zagora


1. Rusi Minev, Atila Stara Zagora

2. Kalin Hristov, Lokomotiv GO

3. Stiliyan Ivanov, Arhangel Stara Zagora


1. Hriso Bonchev, MMA Haskovo

2. Georgi Abadjiev, Centurion Sofia

3. Nikolay Eninski, Atila Stara Zagora

3.Yuksel Yusein, Viking INS


1. Dimitar Totev, Atila Stara Zagora

2. Iliyan Iliev, Be Real

3. Momchil Yanchev, SC Badin MMA Vidin

By IMMAF.org lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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