Change to Age Band Criteria for 2020 Competitions

CEO Densign White has confirmed a change in IMMAF’s birth-date requirements for competitions in 2020. Below are the calendar years within which competitors must now be born to be eligible for each age category:

“By providing this criterion we hope to avoid confusion and disappointment for athletes who wish to participate in 2020 and by which they can easily identify into which bands they fit.

“Using ‘calendar-year-born’ to delineate which category a competitor should participate in, we should not have any athlete fall between the cracks as happened in 2019. For example, last year saw 17-year-olds who were not eligible to compete in the youth events but were also too young to compete in the Junior and Senior competitions also.”

The new policy was ratified by the IMMAF Board on the 14th November 2019.

Youth category C 12 – 13 years old
Calendar years 2007/2008

Youth category B 14 – 15 years old
Calendar years 2005/2006

Youth category A 16-17 years old
Calendar years 2003/2004

Calendar years 2000/2002 (must be minimum 18 years old by the time of championships registration).

Calendar year 2002 (cannot be born after 2002 and must be minimum 18 years old by the time of championship registration).

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