CIMMAF Launches MMA Governance in Taiwan; RFC- WOTD Hosts Team Taiwan Try-outs

The China International MMA Federation (CIMMAF) hosted a ceremony on the 14th October at the Taipei City Sports Bureau in Taiwan, attended by Chairman Wang Zunkan, Chinese Olympic Committee delegates and IMMAF President Kerrith Brown with CEO Densign White. Its purpose was the official launch of a new era of MMA in Taiwan

The following day saw Taiwan’s first RFC-WOTD championship take place at Taipei Stadium featuring contender matches for participation in Team Taiwan at the 2018 IMMAF Asian Open Championships. The event was commissioned by the new CTMMAF, the Taiwan subsidiary organisation of the CIMMAF. China is billed to host the IMMAF Asian Championships in 2018, with CIMMAF having been granted the hosting rights.

Wang Zunkan, chairman of the Association, said that the establishment of the CTMMAF under CIMMAF will see the international standards introduced to Taiwan to include the best technology, certification system and event operations introduced to Taiwan. He said that the association will make every effort to cultivate a high level of MMA talent. He iterated that the development of sports requires government policy support, industry investment and innovation management, media attention and coverage, as well as the enthusiasm of the people to participate. The CIMMAF is hoping to bring these resources to extend the sporting career of athletes and improve economic benefits within the sport.



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