Cutman Committee & Licenses Renewal to Preserve Highest Standard for Athletes

  • – IMMAF establishes a Cutman Committee, headed by Robert Plant

  • – All IMMAF “B” and “C” cutmen and -women trained in 2018 and earlier are required to take revalidation course to extend their licence for 2020 and 2021.

The IMMAF CUT TEAM aims to preserve the highest standard of services provided to its athletes at every step of their ‘amazing’ journey .

Over the past few years, IMMAF has provided training to more than 100 cutmen and women all over the world. Many of them are now successfully working with national promotions and at international events. IMMAF recently reviewed its and updated its programme for the training and certification of cutpersons.

Robert Plant, unarguably one of the best cutman with IMMAF and a world expert heavily engaged in UFC shows, said:

“ IMMAF is like no other promotion anywhere in the world. Our work is intense, but gratifying. The IMMAF CUT TEAM is committed to delivering the best quality services to the athletes at every single step of their amazing journey in sport. We are proud to be part of it and happy to see them safe and successful.”

IMMAF’s Director of Sport Development, Andrew Moshanov, commented:

“It is not surprising that so many international promotions are keen to invite IMMAF trained cutman to work on their events, relying on the quality of our specialists. As the calendar of IMMAF events continues to grow, we need continue to need more specialists of high calibre around the world, on every continent and in every country.”

IMMAF’s renewed cutman programme sees the adoption of the following policies and measures to elevate this vital part of IMMAF event operations to the next level:

  1. The formation of the IMMAF Cutman Committee to oversee the development and training of the specialists in the field with Robert Plant taking the role of a Chairman
  • The redesigned official cutman training program on offer to all IMMAF national federations
  • A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) pathway and mandatory revalidation process.

CPD revalidation comprises a bi-annual, short refresher course for all IMMAF cutmen, which will be mandatory for them to extend their licence for a further 2 years. It combines a theory test with a review of the cutperson’s work history over the preceding 2 years. Further information is to follow at

All IMMAF “B” and “C” cutmen trained in 2018 and earlier are required to complete revalidation course to extend their licence for another two years (2020 and 2021). Register at for revalidation.

Q & A

Q1: Is it possible to register interest to work at IMMAF event without valid IMMAF Cutman licence?

No. To work at any IMMAF Continental Championships, a cutman’s licence must be extended by the start of registration for that event.

Q2: Is there any other way to extend the IMMAF Cutman licence?

No. It is mandatory for IMMAF cutman to revalidate their licences for the next 2 years.

Q3: What will happen if a cutman does not undergo revalidation?

If an IMMAF licenced cutman fails to revalidate their qualification for longer than 3 months he/she will be considered as a “lapsed specialist”, and his progression to the next level of cutman qualification will cease. This means, he will not be considered for work at any official IMMAF events.

Q4: How can a “lapsed cutman” come back onto the IMMAF ladder?

All “lapsed experts” will need resit the full training course again in order to return to the progression ladder.

Q5: What is the structure of revalidation course?

It is a combination of an on-line theory test and a review of the cutperson’s work history over the preceding period of 2 years.

Q6: What is the pass mark for revalidation test?

The pass mark for the revalidation theory test is 95%. The working history over the preceding period of 2 years shall be reviewed by IMMAF Cutman Committee.

Q7:  Where can one find an official IMMAF Cutman Licensing Course?

The official IMMAF cutman courses are advertised exclusively at and and are presented by IMMAF approved tutors.


The list of IMMAF “A” LEVEL CUTMeN (effective since January 1, 2020)

  1. Robert Plant (UK)
  2. Angelo Tarantini (Italy)
  3. Vahaq Petrosyan (Poland)
  4. Paolo Benedito (Portugal)
  5. Paride Scanu (Italy)
  6. Chiara Scappa (Italy)
  7. Paul Barton (UK)
  8. Joahim Alves (Portugal)
  9. Paolo Masala (Italy)
  10. Bryan Coyle (Ireland)
  11. Debora O’Sullivan (Ireland)
  12. Jessica Issacson (Ireland)
  13. Basel Alhindawi (Jordan)

ALL IMMAF “B” LEVEL CUTMAN trained before 2018 are due for revalidation by March 1, 2020. Please, register at MyNextMatch for the on-line test.

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