Czech and Slovak MMA Associations Commit to Collaboration Furthering National Growth

By lead writer, Jorden Curran

When the two international governing bodies of IMMAF and WMMAA came together in 2018, WMMAA brought with it the Slovak MMA Association (SZMMA) and the Czech Association of MMA (CSMMA). The latter is currently in the process of merger talks with IMMAF’s Czech affiliate, MMAA, whilst the SZMMA stands as the sole representative of IMMAF – WMMAA in Slovakia.

In 2019 the two national federations will truly reflect the family ideology of IMMAF – WMMAA through their collaborative effort to progress the development of mixed martial arts across their neighboring countries.

Michal Hamrsmid, President of CSMMA, announced that as of January 2019 the initiative starts with the opening of a Czech – Slovak competition league, welcoming amateur athletes of both nations to mutually benefit from a broader and better resourced regional competition platform.

In addition, the first stage of the international collaboration will include joint educational courses for referees and judges of both countries.

After achieving government recognition in the Czech Republic, CSMMA has moved to share its experience and development pathway with the fast progressing Slovak MMA Association.

“The Czech and Slovak MMA scenes are interconnected due to the common history of both countries,” CSMMA President Michal Hamrsmid stated. “The legal regulations related to the amateur sport are almost the very same. Due to the official position of CSMMA in the Czech Republic, our aim is to assist the SZMMA to receive the same recognition for the governance of MMA in Slovakia as well.”

SZMMA President, Brano Hutka, commented: “CSMMA has many years of experience. For a long time they have been associated with the Czech Ministry of Sport and as a result are aware of the rules, laws and processes required of a recognised body. The friendship between both nations has enabled us to learn and become a member of a global authority in IMMAF-WMMAA.”

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