Dan Henderson to Host 2020 U.S. Youth MMA National Championships

The USA are the defending no.1 ranked nation in the IMMAF youth world rankings, following the inaugural IMMAF World Championships in 2019 when Team USA took home 28 medals including 16 golds.

As the national teams looks to continue its momentum, the USFL has announced its 2020 Youth MMA National Championships, taking place April 25-26 and with assistance from UFC Hall of Fame member Dan Henderson. The MMA legend will host the event at Dan Henderson’s Athletic Training Center in Temecula, California.

The USFL Nationals are open to athletes between ages 8 and 17. Athletes between the ages of 12 and 17 will be selected to compete at the 2020 IMMAF Youth World Championships, tentatively scheduled for August 6-8 in Rome, Italy.

Athletes who are 17-years-old on April 25 but turn 18 prior to August 6 may participate in the U.S. National Championships but will not be eligible to compete in the IMMAF World Championships.

“We must continue to drive forward and acknowledge that last year’s accomplishment guarantees nothing without participation and hard work by coaches and athletes at the local level,” USFL President Jon Frank said. “I’m looking forward to a great national championship where the top talent in the U.S. come together to sharpen each other’s tools.”

Registration deadline for the USFL Nationals is April 18, 2020. All participants must have an active USFL license to participate. Visit FightLeague.org for further information.

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