Dominican Republic MMA Federation recognised by IMMAF during President’s visit

President Kerrith Brown made an official visit to the Dominican Republic, last week, to meet with Dominican Republic MMA Federation President, Manuel Pagan, and Vice Minister of Sport, Marco Diaz.

NF President Pagan & IMMAF President Brown sign IMMAF Membership Certification

The Minister confirmed government support for the young federation, whose application for membership was formally accepted by IMMAF during the visit. He highlighted the importance of sport development and pledged his support for MMA Judges, Referees and Coaches seminars in the interests of athlete welfare.  He commended IMMAF’s guidelines.

The Dominican Republic MMA Federation has also achieved the support of its National Olympic Committee.

During his visit, IMMAF President Brown led a seminar with the federation’s MMA Coaches, for the purpose of explaining IMMAF’s role, MMA progression pathways (including youth development) and the rules and policies of amateur MMA competition.

Speaking of the visit, President Brown said:

“The Dominican Republic federation submitted an impressive application for recognition, and they have gone through all the correct processes in setting themselves up. They’ve done a huge amount of work to advance the development of MMA in the Dominican Republic and for the recognition of the sport. While out there, we attended an amateur event, which I was also extremely impressed by. We welcome the Dominican MMA Republic federation to IMMAF and as a our latest Pan American member.”

Main picture: IMMAF President Brown with Dominican Republic Vice Minister of Sport Diaz and NF President Manuel Pagan

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