EFC Africa 12 – Corner man or Coach? We chat to the driving force behind Tinkerbell…

Interview with Shihan Raymond Phillips

President and founder of Xtreme Kickboxing Technologies and Coach of XKT-Pro fighters.


We asked Shihan Raymond a few questions after JP Kruger’s awesome fight at EFC Africa 12 last night at Carnival City.

Q:  What is your opinion of the fight?

We knew from the beginning  that there would be war.  Knowing Pete and his fighting capabilities and taking into consideration the fact that he’s a power house, we needed a different type of game plan. JP lost against Pete twice so there was a lot of mind games which JP and myself had to work through. We stuck to our plan and we got the result we wanted. It was a big moment for JP and to face a world class fighter like Pete was not a walk in the park.

Q:  What made JP the better fighter?  Was it his training, his technique, his mind set?

We had JP working with some BJJ coaches to get his ground game up to standard as we knew this was a potential weakness in Pete’s style. We judged it correctly and saw the result in the second round!  JP also got the EFC price for Submission Of The Night.   XKT are so proud of our boy.

Q:  How important is the role of the corner man to the fighter?

The corner man is of  great importance to the fighter because the team is usually made up of his coach or coaches. We know our fighters and can read the fight from the outside and during breaks give our fighter advice on how to approach the next round.

Q:  How does a person (fighter) turn Pro?

A fighter who wants to turn Pro should have at least 30-40 amateur fights and have an amateur record minimum of 75% wins. If you would like to turn Pro you can give me a call on 083 701 2154.


XKT-Pro is a division of XTreme Kickboxing Technologies and a managing agency for the Pro-fighters of the group.  Should you be interested in joining XKT and climbing the ranks, check out our Club locator for your nearest branch and get kicking!

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