How volunteers help make IMMAF championships a success

By lead writer, Jorden Curran

Each year IMMAF is fortunate to welcome enthusiastic volunteers worldwide who contribute to the backbone of each international championship event. In June, the operations of this year’s IMMAF Asian Open Championships in Singapore excelled thanks to the commitment of those stepping forward to dedicate their time, effort and expertise throughout the week at the Marina Bay Sands.

“Concise organisation, dedication and the attainment of volunteers with prior experience produced a team with perfect efficiency. Our volunteers were the backbone behind the scenes of the Asian Open and it was a pleasure to work with each of them,” said IMMAF international events director Alistair Pettitt.

The team was comprised of participants bringing together international experience and local enthusiasm across three core entities, each with a specific function for a total of 30 volunteers per day. Three team leaders ensured that their respective areas were fully staffed to meet all requirements.

Contributors were sourced from the MMA Federation of Singapore – the host federation, the Malaysian MMA Association, plus Grapple Asia whose team worked alongside IMMAF as the second event to be taking place in conjunction with the UFC during the week of activities leading to UFC Fight Night Singapore on June 17.

The contribution of staff came with a significant amount of persons with prior experience in MMA events, including that of active athletes, and thus volunteers were able to confidently settle into areas assisting with operations, senior positions and commissioner roles.

“Many of the volunteers had experience working at the different levels of international promotions,” explained Malaysia MMA board member Brent Yap, “including at Malaysian Invasion, One Fighting Championship, Full Metal Dojo and Singapore FC. As such, they were very comfortable working behind the scenes.

“The approach from volunteers was enthusiastic, professional, attentive and of course very excited to finally work with IMMAF.”

For information on how you can contribute to upcoming amateur championships, contact your national Federation/Association.

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