IMMAF and WMMAA Federations in China Work Towards Unified Vision

President Kerrith Brown and IMMAF Director Bertrand Amoussou have joined Director Han Jiuili in Beijing to review and support the progression of governance of MMA in China.

The MMA Department of the Chinese Boxing Federation, headed by Jiuli, was approved as IMMAF’s national representative for China by members at the IMMAF General Assembly in November. The former WMMAA member will be working with former IMMAF member, the Chinese Mixed Martial Arts Federation, following on from the IMMAF -WMMAA merger of 2018/19.

President Brown, who has been meeting with both groups, said:

“CIMMAF’s contribution to the development of MMA in China is well recognised by the IMMAF Board, and we are working to consolidate the new structure and the organisation’s place within it. They have carried out some immense groundwork in developing the sport across the regions of China. It’s an honour now to work with both groups towards a unified national vision for MMA.”

Meanwhile, Director Amoussou, has been working on the ground to introduce the IMMAF Progression Scheme into Chinese gyms.

President Brown will be delivering a detailed report and recommendations to the IMMAF Board, at their next meeting, about the status of MMA in China and the progress of affiliation between the two Chinese National Federations.

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