IMMAF Board Member Looks Forward to Seeing IMMAF App Bolster the Recreational MMA Community.

IMMAF broke new ground this month the announcement of an all-new MMA Grading App for coaches, students and fans of Mixed Martial Arts.
Recap the full launch announcement HERE.

Developed by IMMAF – the world governing body for MMA – in tandem with its Coaches’ Education and Licensing Programme, at official launch, five-hundred-and-forty-seven IMMAF certified coaches already have full access to the IMMAF App. As IMMAF continues to roll out its coach licensing courses around the world in 2020, use of the App as a teaching and assessment tool is set to become a core course component following its 2019 pilot program featuring over 500 coaches in nations such as Australia, Mexico, France, Ireland and Greece.

Expectations for 2020 aim to see a further 1000 coaches engaged from Kazakhstan and Russia, where the sport MMA and national federations under IMMAF enjoy government affiliation and support.

Bertrand Amoussou, IMMAF board member and founder of CFMMA in France, is a strong believer that the IMMAF App will significantly bolster the growing attention given to MMA as a sport for recreational participation.

“MMA is entering a new era that reverses the pyramid to see it further developed from the base,” Amoussou stated. “Today, we no longer see MMA as something just for professionals, but for personal, physical and mental development, that which affects a high percentage of practitioners. The IMMAF application is the tool that characterizes this paradigm shift. It is an application 100% dedicated to this community which does not have its eye on the belt of world champion, a recreational practitioner who is aware that competitive MMA it is not their vocation, but who seeks their share of recognition for efforts and progress, materialized by a grade. Yes, we can now become an MMA black belt if we give ourselves the will to do so.

“The application is the ideal tool for coaches, who will have at their fingertips the complete program of technical progress, level by level and technique by technique, for each of their students. This unifying program, common to all members of this new community will weigh very heavily in the world of martial arts and combat sports.”

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