IMMAF Introduces New Cutman Licensing System for MMA

[1 September. London] The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has introduced a new Cutman Licensing system for MMA.

Over the past few years the MMA governing body has trained more than one-hundred-and-twenty cutman and cutwomen across its member nations, who are now working successfully at national and international level MMA events across the globe.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is critical to maintaining a high standard of a cutman’s work at MMA competitions, with a direct impact on athlete safety and wellbeing. Now IMMAF has introduced a requirement for revalidation in order to monitor and evaluate the work of its licensed cutpersons. This requirement will provide a mechanism for “quality control” that is common across sports. Every specialist after successfully passing the revalidation test will be issued a renewed licence to practice, as current and legitimate proof of their competency. Every cutperson who refreshes their training at an official IMMAF Cutman Course has the opportunity to progress him or herself from National Level (B) to International Level (A).

IMMAF’s Director of Development, Andrew Moshanov, said:

“The International Mixed Martials Arts Federation (IMMAF) carries out due diligence for its participants and wants to ensure that they’re provided with the best possible service.  All IMMAF accredited and certified specialists are required to refresh their training, to upskill themselves and to revalidate their licenses every 2 years. This includes coaches and cutmen”

The criteria for revalidation is currently under development by the IMMAF Cutman Working Group.

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