IMMAF Statement on Coronavirus & Postponement of Championships

[13 March 2020]

Dear Members,

At IMMAF the health and wellbeing our members matters to us, and we are mindful of current global measures and concerns regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Therefore, we are sadly postponing our two upcoming tournaments in April and May until further notice: The 2020 IMMAF Africa Open Championships and the 2020 IMMAF Pan American Championships. Participants should contact their National Federation regarding refund of participation fees and for further advice.

With respect to our other events in 2020, including Championships and Courses, please be assured that IMMAF is monitoring the global situation extremely closely and following official advice and restrictions issued by Government bodies. We will be looking at online alternatives for educational courses, where needed.

In view of the lock-down in Italy, we have also postponed official announcement of our planned 2020 Youth World Championships (6 – 9 August) and 2020 European Senior & Junior Championships (11 – 16 August) in Rome. IMMAF is researching alternative locations for these and all other events, in case of any travel restrictions in force during the planned dates of competition. Every effort will be made to ensure that relocated events, later in the year, take place as close as possible in time to the original dates. We therefore encourage athletes to keep training and preparing for these competitions.

So far, IMMAF has not been informed of any cases of the coronavirus (Covid-19) among our members, but please do keep us informed.

Note that some travel restrictions may apply to teams from infected regions in line with government decrees. Further to this, if any IMMAF participants are suffering from symptoms of the virus they should not attend IMMAF or National level events or training, and self-isolate. This is of particular importance with MMA being a close contact sport and must be taken extremely seriously. Our Medical Committee is meeting today to review the IMMAF screening process for competition and the latest medical advice for members in light of the coronavirus.

We will keep you updated and informed as the situation progresses, and ask in the meantime that you follow the following guidelines:

  1. First and foremost, follow the advice of your government and government organisations, as the situation will differ from region to region

In regions where there are no government restrictions:

2. make sure to follow World Health Organization guidelines to ensure best cleaning practices are carried out at your clubs and gyms;

3. advise participants/ members not to attend clubs or gyms if experiencing symptoms or if they have knowingly been in contact with an infected person, and to self-isolate as per government advice;

4. advise participants/ members to not only keep their hands clean (washing regularly and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water) but also their bodies and hair after and before sports practice, due to the close-contact nature of MMA;

5. advise participants to properly wash their gym wear with using sanitising agents after each use;

6. advise participants/ members always to sneeze/ cough into tissues;

7. gym matts, machines and equipment should be wiped down with appropriate cleaning fluids after each use (see World Health Organisation advice);

Please inform IMMAF if a member of your team or gym has had the virus or been in contact with it.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Densign White

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