Pictured: Detail from the Yellow Level of the IMMAF Syllabus, currently under development.


The International MMA Federation (IMMAF) holds its third MMA Coaches Education and Certification Course in Mexico from 21 to 23  September 2018, hosted by Federacion de Artes Marciales Mixtas Equidad y Juego Limpio (FAMMEJL).

The two-day, Level 1 course will be IMMAF’s first outside of Europe and will see the licensing of Mexico’s first twenty to thirty MMA coaches. Meanwhile, a few elite trainers nominated by the National Federation (FAMMEJL) will be fast-tracked to Level 3 and receive IMMAF’s first black belts, based on their outstanding experience.

The IMMAF Coach Education and Certification Programme (CECP) is a three-tiered progression of the coaching competency for MMA. Level 1, 2 and 3 each correspond to a specific part of the participation pyramid– beginners, advanced and elite performance athletes. Its aims include coaches’ professional development, the setting of standards for coaching practice in amateur MMA worldwide and the regulation of coaching practice.

The Level 1 Coaches License is awarded based on practical and theoretical training and assessment, as well as coaching hours. Syllabus modules include:

  • How to Coach Athletes in an Effective, Safe and Ethical way
  • Know Your Athlete (Basic Sport Science 1 & 2)
  • How Do We Learn New Movements and Practice Our Skills?
  • How to Plan and Conduct a Training Session
  • Fundamental Movements
  • Techniques on Demand (e.g. Principles of Submissions etc.)
  • Know Your Sport (Rules)
  • Grading Syllabus (IMMAF Talent Development Pathway)
  • Coaching Methods and Strategies for a Training Session

The awarding of the first generation of MMA black belts and Level 3 licenses will be discretionary, based on the decision of a dedicated coaching panel.

The IMMAF coaches’ pathway and education programme is being progressed by IMMAF’s new Director of Development, Dr. Andrew Moshanov, former Head of Development for the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) and previous Technical Director for the British Judo Association.

FAMMEJL President, Raul Salas Navarro, commented:

“On this first IMMAF coaching course in the Americas, coaches will obtain valuable teaching tools to further their development and will have the opportunity to become certified in the exciting world of mixed martial arts, supported by the IMMAF, the worldwide governing body for MMA .

“They will learn the IMMAF methodologies that are being applied internationally for the setting of student examinations and validation of grades for MMA. Don’t miss this first coaching certification course to become one of the first certified and recognised instructors of MMA in the Americas!”

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said:

“IMMAF’s Coach Education and Certification Programme provides a key strand of IMMAF’s Talent Development Pathway, providing MMA coaches with the skills and knowledge to develop participants of the sport, with respect to latest sports science theory and safe coaching practice.

“IMMAF looks to put a stake in the ground over the coming months, with the rolling out of its first student assessments under certified coaches and the awarding of grades. In acknowledgement of the pioneers and exceptional elite talent that pre-date the IMMAF system, we will also be awarding honorary black-belts based on outstanding experience.”

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