IMMAF Welcomes the Hong Kong MMA Federation

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) welcomes the Hong Kong MMA Federation (HKMMAF) as its newest member.

IMMAF’s national representative in Hong Kong is magnifying MMA as a sport, with an aim to become a National Sports Association under the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China. It is also supported by JUST MMA, Hong Kong’s leading professional MMA promotor.

HKMMAF President and JUST MMA Chairman, Andrew Chan [pictured], said:

“Hong Kong has a rich history in martial arts, and its international status has attracted an unbelievable variety of offerings. The introduction of amateur MMA, being a common platform for competition, will be the most exciting development for all athletes.”

“Having organised 5 professional events in Hong Kong, Macau and China in the past two years, we were amazed by the level of participation from both athletes and spectators. We are certain that the sport will grow dramatically in coming years. And with a quality supply of coaches and training facilities, Hong Kong will generate a good number of professional and amateur athletes.”

“HKMMAF is formed as a platform to help the MMA community to promote and grow the sport in a safe and fair manner. We rely on every member of the community to contribute and to take ownership in being part of the exciting MMA development in Hong Kong.”

The Hong Kong Federation is composed of officials, coaches, athletes, and professionals from the fields of medicine, law, media and finance. It will initially focus on building a structure for amateur competition under the IMMAF framework – rules, officiation, medical support…etc. This will be followed by introducing the IMMAF certification program for coaches, referees and cutman.

Representing one of the most accessible cities in the region, the HKMMAF is well placed to organise events across the region and its aim is to support the promotion of MMA across Asia.

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