IMMAF Women’s Commission launches on International Women’s Day

Main picture: World Junior Gold Medallists Anna Gaul (GER) and Nora Ochoa (MEX) at end of their 2019 World Championship Final bout

We celebrate International Women’s day today but it also a historical day for IMMAF, which has launched its own Women’s Commission.

Hayzia Belem, chair of the new Commission, will host the first session of the commission today. The goals of the IMMAF’s Women’s Commission are:

– Encouraging women to practice MMA
– Fighting against gender prejudice in MMA
– Promoting gender equality in MMA and sport generally
– Fighting against harassment in combat sports
– Supporting women to develop their skills within MMA organisation  (coaches, referees and other officials, administrators, etc.)
– Supporting women to gain leadership positions at IMMAF and its federations
– Empowering women and girls through MMA
– Showing the financial benefits of promoting women in MMA
– Recognizing the achievements of individuals and organizations promoting women in MMA (amateur and professional)

The Commission members are:

Hayzia Bellem (FRA) : chairperson
Sharif Bapu (IND): member
Veronika Nabaltska (BUL): member
Gosha Malik is the IMMAF staff liaison

For more information on the Women’s Commission please contact:

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