Job Advertisement: Ethics Committee Members

Term: 2 years (renewable)
Remuneration: voluntary role, with pre-agreed expenses paid


The Ethics Committee is the panel responsible for advising the CEO and Board on the development, implementation and review of organisational procedures and policies guidelines relating to ethical issues; and whom the CEO can call upon to provide advice and consultation to the IMMAF – WMMAA on ethics matters depending on the issues arising.

The Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring that IMMAF – WMMAA acts in accordance with its Statutes and Policies including its Conflicts of Interest and Whistle-blowing policies. The Committee is responsible for the investigation of complaints at the request of the IMMAF CEO.


• The Ethics Committee is comprised of three to five experts, including one chairperson and four members at large

• The Committee meets (normally online or via conference call) as required, usually twice a year to address an agenda of issue agreed by the IMMAF Board; plus for extraordinary meetings called to address specific more urgent matters or tasks as tasked by the IMMAF CEO.

• The Ethics Committee is democratically organised


The key responsibilities of the Ethics Committee are:

• To ensure that there are suitable guidelines, procedures, codes and other material that will support the IMMAF – WMMAA Board, staff, volunteers and other representatives to maintain the highest standards of integrity, as outlined in IMMAF’s Statutes, Code of Conduct and Policies.

• Any development or updates to the Code of Ethics

• To recommend to the IMMAF – WMMAA any actions to improve the framework and policies for governance and organisational ethics.

• In event of a violation of the ethical principles of IMMAF – WMMAA as arise through
incident or whistleblowing, to analyse and research complaints, as tasked by the CEO.

• The Ethics Committee may propose to the board a programme of reviews or a specific

Person profile:

Members of the Ethics Committee will be:

• Pragmatic and fair minded in their approach to addressing ethics issues, showing
awareness of risk and complexity.

• Supportive internally and externally of the IMMAF – WMMAA’s leadership in its
commitment to upholding a rigorous process of ethical review and relevant follow-up

• Proactive in ensuring that all IMMAF – WMMAA is compliant with its Statutes and Code of Conduct and has the relevant and implementable policies in place to meet the crite-ria stipulated by the Sport Integrity Global Alliance in its Good Governance and Financial Integrity standards.

• A range of people with different relevant qualifications and experience. This could be legal or investigative, for example.

• Experience within the field of governance and working with boards or committee preferred.

• International, diverse and multi-lingual

• Since English is the official language of IMMAF, Advanced / Proficiency level in English Language is a must (speaking, reading and writing).

• Good communicators


To apply please email your resume/ CV and covering letter explaining how you meet the per-son profile and what you could offer  IMMAF as a member of the Ethics Committee to by Monday 11 February 2019 at 12:00 hrs GMT

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