KSW’s Martin Lewandowski Heads New MMA Polska Association

Newly established organization sets to take care of the development of MMA in Poland

[via MMA Polska press release. 18.06.2019: ] A new Polish federation for Mixed Martial Arts, the MMA Polska Association, held its official press launch today in Warsaw. Headed by KSW founder, Martin Lewandowski, as President, the organization has been established to represent the national MMA community with the following purposes;

  • – The education, training and safeguarding of young people, competitors and coaches in their participation in the healthy rivalry offered by well regulated MMA competition
  • – To develop the amateur sport with the future goal of seeing MMA into the Olympic Games
  • – To harness the benefits MMA has to offer wider society
  • – To represent Polish MMA internationally: MMA POLSKA is the only Polish organization recognized by the – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF – WMMAA) and meets all its criteria
  • – To promote a positive image of MMA

The main objective of the Association is the development of MMA as a sport discipline. MMA POLSKA shares the Olympic belief in sport’s power to connect people. The organization will promote MMA as a sport for everyone, regardless of origin, social status, race or religion. The mission of the organization is education at a grass roots level in order to minimize risk in the discipline. The Olympic Spirit and fair play are the principles that the Association will instill in the youngest generation. Alongside sport development and regulation, the long term goal is to introduce MMA as a competing event at the Olympic Games.

“After 15 years in professional MMA, the time has come to organize the amateur side of the sport. This is the next step in strengthening this discipline. We can say that the MMA University is already here in Poland, but now it is time to build the elementary school and high school,” said Martin Lewandowski, the President of MMA Polska Association and KSW co-founder.

“I have walked a bumpy road building MMA from the beginning, making it acceptable in the media, among sponsors, fighting stereotypes, pulling MMA out of discos and dingy training rooms which lacked even basic medical care. This is all behind me, behind us. As an Association we will make sure that all this work will not go down the drain. Nowadays, MMA is among the most watched sports in Poland. I have been part of creating this discipline from the very beginning and I know every detail both from the sports side and the organization of sport events. At the time I started, there were no standards, there was no benchmark we could use. Everything that has shaped the contemporary MMA, I have experienced through my own mistakes and failures. I want to bring all this experience to the newly created Association.”

MMA POLSKA will create an opportunity for many young people to begin a real sports career. The association will deal with amateur sport, but in a professional way. It is a part of the largest MMA organization in the world – IMMAF |WMMAA (the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation), which brings together many associations from around the globe. The organization will establish relationships with every person from the public sphere, government administration, but also private entrepreneurs and companies to whom the idea of ​​developing this sport will be at heart.

“We would like to regulate the environment, raise safety standards and train young adepts. One of the most important goals is the organization of a series of championship tournaments under MMA Polska, which will eventually be the team selections for the Polish National MMA Team. It will be a unique opportunity for competitors to internationally represent our country with the Eagle on their chests,” continued Martin Lewandowski, President of the MMA POLSKA Association.

Any person accepted by the Board may become a member of the Association.

The organization’s structure will comprise three groups of members: ordinary, honorary and supporting. Ordinary members will be able to participate in voting and elections, propose ideas for consideration during general meetings and will be systematically informed about the state of the organization.

MMA POLSKA is built on the belief that amateur MMA needs a shared vision and unification towards specific goals and strong leadership.

The first activities of the MMA POLSKA Association will be:

  • – Membership of clubs, fighters, referees, doctors and all participants
  • – Unification of processes for participant safety, medical issues, personnel, licensing, rules and regulation, equipment, etc.,
  • – Launch of a series of amateur tournaments in the second half of 2019, culminating with the national championships – MMA Polska in 2020. Until then, the Polish National MMA Team / Team “MMA Polska” will be selected and the fighters’ ranking will operate within it.
  • – Organizing seminars for all functions in MMA at the MMA Polska Academy -,
  • – Building CSR programs for children, women and seniors,
  • – Introduction of a medical program monitoring the health of competitors
  • – Lobbying for the regulation of MMA licensing
  • – Building a cooperative relationship with the Polish Olympic Committee.

“Today, MMA in Poland is a powerful force that, as an event, has its permanent place in the programme format of the largest TV stations, “ said Marian Kmita, Vice-President of the MMA PolskaAssociation and Sport Director of Telewizja Polsat. The natural course of things is therefore an attempt to organize MMA in Poland and the establishment of our Association. This is yet another proof that MMA in Poland is doing very well and soon the time will come to make another, very important step. This step will be the establishment of a professional sports union, which I hope, in the near future, by our efforts and support from the colleagues in the international federation, will enter the great family of Olympic sports. This is our most important, long-term goal” adds Marian Kmita.

MMA POLSKA is an organization that is building the foundations for the Polish MMA Union and cooperating with the National Ministry of Sport. It also lobbies for MMA to be included among disciplines recognized by state authorities. The plan of its founders is to build the strongest MMA association in the country with many real benefits. The Organization is already officially supported by many ambassadors from various disciplines.

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