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Pictured: Senator Savin (left), Bertrand Amoussou ( second left) and former judo world champion Staphanr Traineau (right)

On 22 February, a press conference was held in Paris to announce some of the appointees to the government watchdog committee that will be tasked with monitoring practices in mixed martial arts and combat sports in France.

The creation of a watchdog was the main recommendation that came from the conclusions of the parliamentary mission on the practice of MMA, led by Senator Jacques Grosperrin and MP Patrick Vignal, whose report was released on 8 November of last year.

Representatives appointed to the committee, that will regulated by a state official, include so far:

– Bertrand Amoussou (CFMMA/ IMMAF)
– Cyrille Diabate (UFC veteran, retired pro MMA competitor)
– Yovan Delourme (Managing Director Fight’Ness Gym & Impact ST, Rennes
– James Schiavo (MMA competitor)
– Cyrille Viguier ( awarded television producer for sports, combat sports and political journalism, Knight of the National Order of Merit, Leadership Award from the Republican Congress Committee of the United States Congress, MMA practitioner)

The appointments follow the press release announcement of France’s Secretary of State for Sport dated February 14 regarding the formation of the watchdog. The stated purposes of the group are as follows:

– Identify the characteristics of each of the emerging disciplines,
– Monitor the application and propose changes in technical and safety rules in mixed combat or mixed martial arts, fixed by regulation,
– Create an inter-federal medical passport for sportsmen and women in combat sports or mixed martial arts which authorize knock-outs
– Implement a review under the minister of sports for the evolution of a framework for the practices of mixed combat or mixed martial arts, and the implementation of a specific certification to ensure the safety of practitioners

It was announced at the press conference that the watchdog is set to launch in September.

In other news, Commission Française de Mixed Martial Arts (CFMMA) President, Bertrand Amoussou, met with Senator Savin of the Republican party on 23 February, ahead of France’s  upcoming government elections.

Amoussou reported:

“The meeting with Senator was to keep him informed of the work we are carrying out around MMA. In case of transfer of power, it is important that new ministers are fully briefed and educated when they come to talk about or make decisions relating to to MMA. I’m currently meeting with the various opposition groups in order to educate them. Senator Savin gave his personal support to MMA.”

Picture below: Yovan Delourme, Cyrille Diabate, James Schiavo, Cyrille Viguier, Bertrand Amoussou

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