‘My strength & knowledge won’t fail me’: Dinescu excited by new strawweight challengers

Top Romanian Strawweight Ralcu Dinescu (pictured above, right) is currently the most experienced 115lb competitor within the IMMAF international amateur platform, following the departure of long time rival Alexandra Toncheva (above, center) who completed her pro debut last month.

Dinescu (5-3) has been a prominent top contender in the world amateur scene since her debut at the 2015 European Open Championships in the UK. Since then she has earned a podium finish on each occasion as a two-time European Open silver medalist and World Championships bronze medalist in 2016.

Despite her absence from competition at the 2017 European Open, the now no.3 ranked strawweight retains the reputation of being one of the most reputable challenges for any potential rival. Dinescu’s history within the division speaks for itself with decisive triumphs over each and every opponent, the only exception being Bulgarian phenom Toncheva who set the bar as a two-time European Open champion and 2016 World champion.

In her absence, the 2017 European Open in Sofia, Bulgaria, welcomed an exciting new wave of strawweight contenders with a quartet of IMMAF tournament newcomers including Bulgaria’s Antoniya Kalacheva, Mexico’s Sara Cova and the Swedish duo of Anna Astvik and Fannie Redman who advanced to battle it out in an all-Swedish final where Redman, also the Swedish national champion, secured the gold medal with a Unanimous Decision victory.

While she hopes to compete at this year’s IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain, Dinescu looks forward to welcoming her newest rivals. Despite being out of action, the Romanian was present in Sofia to witness the latest developments within her division, and she is confident of asserting herself as the frontrunner and making her presence felt.

Speaking to IMMAF.org, Dinescu gave her assessment on who stood out most to her in Sofia; “Besides the champion (Fannie Redman), who did a great job using her grappling skills, I really liked Sara [Cova], from the Mexican team. Although she was defeated in the semi-finals, I liked her boxing skills and the way she was continuously moving. The final between Redman and Astvik didn’t seem like a very tough fight, but I guess they didn’t punch each other so hard considering both of them were representing the same team.

“At this moment I believe I am indeed the most experienced IMMAF strawweight and I am looking forward to meeting the new contenders in the cage. The two finalists showed technique, especially in the grappling department, however I think I am stronger then both the Swedish girls.”

The Romanian grinder has become best known for her physical control of opponents, nullifying the opposition against the fence with pressure and wearing them down towards the canvas, at times with demoralizing effectiveness.

“I know what my assets are and I am currently working on improving my weak parts. I know I can strongly rely in my boxing skills and my cage control strategy, so I guess we’ll see if this is enough to counteract the grappling skills team Sweden has proven so far. I believe in the experience I’ve gained so far, my strength and my knowledge and they won’t fail on me. I train and fight just because it makes me feel good, it is something I love. I am an “original” strawweight, I do not need to cut before competitions. I do not take supplements either, I just rely on eating good and only what I like. I strongly believe that an athlete has to feel good, to be happy with himself and that a happy fighter is a dangerous one.”

In addition, Dinescu commented on the recently announced commitments of retired UFC veteran Aisling Daly who, as part of her new role with IMMAF, has taken on the mission of introducing more women to amateur MMA competition.

“I think that supporting someone in something is always a good gesture. As I understood, she is planning to find ways to support  female fighters that train to a high level, but due to lack of funds, sponsorship, they do not compete. This is a very good idea, that might help develop and increase female divisions, however, I think this can also be done for the male athletes whenever this is the case. I usually don’t like any of the “feminist” politics as I think that a positive discrimination is still a discrimination, and no such thing should exist in any sport.”

By IMMAF.org lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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