New Algerian Member Expands IMMAF’s Footprint in Africa

IMMAF welcomes the Algerian Federation of Kickboxing, MMA and Similar Sports as its sole recognised governing body for MMA in Algeria and its 13th member from the African continent

The National Federation is recognised by its Ministry of Sport, and is working to develop MMA with the goal of creating an independent MMA federation in the future. The organisation represents the majority of the MMA community in Algeria and is the only one licensed to run MMA competitions nationally.

The Algerian Federation’s board consists of elected members with a background in MMA and combat sports, who are also professionals in fields such as medicine and finance. Its membership is composed of officials and experienced athletes, with a range of organisational and technical expertise. Each MMA club practices at least three times a week and undergoes annual technical tests.

The federation is working to expand through its member athletes, coaches and staff and aims to develop children’s pathways, refereeing and technical courses as the first steps in creating a solid curriculum. Work is underway to organise national championships to select the Algerian team that will compete at the 2019 IMMAF | WMMAA World Championships.

The Algerian Federation has additionally partnered with professional teams and MMA fighters both inside and outside of Algeria.

In a statement, President Mesboua Hocine, said,

” We look forward to working with IMMAF and thank the international federation for working on the development of MMA on a global scale.”

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