One more step towards MMA Recognition in France!

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The French Secretary of State for Sport, Thierry Braillard, announced in a press release on February 14 the creation of a watchdog for emerging practices in the field of martial arts and combat sports. This mission is entrusted to the President of the Confederation of Martial Arts and Combat Sports (CFAMSC) and the French Combat Federation, Alain Bertholom.

The creation of a watchdog was the main recommendation that came from the conclusions of the parliamentary mission on the practice of MMA, led by Senator Jacques Grosperrin and MP Patrick Vignal, whose report was released on November 8th.

According to the Secretary of State’s press release, the watchdog will have several objectives:
·        Identify the characteristics of each of the emerging disciplines,
·        Monitor the application and propose changes in technical and safety rules in mixed combat or mixed martial arts, fixed by regulation,
·        Create an inter-federal medical passport for sportsmen and women in combat sports or mixed martial arts which authorize knock-outs
·        Implement a review under the minister of sports for the evolution of a framework for the practices of mixed combat or mixed martial arts, and the implementation of a specific certification to ensure the safety of the practitioners

Another positive point attesting to the seriousness and importance attached to the watchdog is that it will be regulated by a state official.

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