Sweden’s fierce new welterweight sounds off: ‘I will become European champion, nothing less’

“I will become European champion, nothing less,” warns Robin Roos, the newest welterweight addition to Sweden’s national amateur MMA team.

The unseeded challenger is set to represent Sweden this year as part of the Swedish MMA Federation’s latest wave of talent progressing to the IMMAF platform.

The 23-year-old earned his place among the SMMAF team by qualifying via the national championships and competes this week in the Senior Welterweight division of the 2018 European Championships, taking place from 17-23 June in Bucharest, Romania.

Roos is among the successors joining Team Sweden following the conclusion of 2017 that saw the likes of Tobias Harila and world champion Serdar Altas announce their professional transitions. He enters the 170lb bracket alongside fellow Swede Axel Karlsson, a familiar veteran of IMMAF competition and bronze medalist of the European, Asian and African championships.

“It feels great to be a part off the Swedish national team and to be the number-one in my weight class in Sweden, this was the plan that me and my coach set last year,” Roos revealed.

The newcomer features as part of the lineage from national team coach Jorgen Hamberg, who detailed how the striking specialist is undefeated in his last 10 bouts, with a 14-5 overall record, the catalyst for his winning run being the evolution of a defensive ground-game that greatly compliments his Muay Thai specialty.

Roos is perhaps unlike any challenger seen on the IMMAF platform to date; bringing his own unique personality and presence to each bout, with a highly expressive and in-your-face approach – frequently grinning and walking down his opponents with fierce kicks – much like the constant forward movement displayed in Muay Thai.

“I think that my personality in the cage very much reflect my personality and my mentality outside the cage,” he commented.

“The style that I have developed over the years is all about being effective and aggressive, I try to always put pressure on my opponent and land hard strikes. I think that everyone is prepared to fight but it all changes when we’re in that cage and I land a couple off kicks.”

With no shortage of confidence, Roos aims to make an impact and produce his own emphatic contribution to seeing that he takes home the gold medal and sees Sweden maintain its stellar reputation as the World’s number-one ranked national team.

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