US MMA Federation Placed into Special Measures

On Monday 3 June 2019, the board of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF – WMMAA) voted unanimously to place the United States MMA Federation (UMMAF) into special measures. The policy may be applied if a member is rated as inadequate.

President Kerrith Brown commented: “In line with the values, spirit and ideals of the Olympic movement, IMMAF – WMMAA requires its members to uphold a high standard of ethical conduct.

“We expect our members to properly carry out the functions and duties of a National Governing Body, with a focus on sport development for the benefit of members and participants of MMA, from the grass roots up.”

The special measures policy requires that the issues identified by the board to UMMAF are rectified within three months, by 6 September 2019.

During this period UMMAF must undertake that American athletes and coaches are eligible to partake in IMMAF-WMMAA competitions. This includes members of the newly formed United States Federation of MMA (USFMMA), who were until recently valued and active members of UMMAF but felt compelled to leave due to concerns.

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