Video: Jacobe Smith follows 18-second knockout with unhinged celebration

Jacobe Smith | @UFCFightPass, Twitter

Jacobe Smith’s quick work in the cage gave him plenty of time to play afterwards.

At Fury FC 86 in Dallas on Saturday, Smith scored a thudding 18-second knockout of Jared McLoughlin and then unleashed one of the most insane celebrations of 2024.

Watch the fight in its entirety below.

To summarize:

  • Smith cracked McLoughlin with a right hand and then nailed him with a follow-up punch to finish the fight
  • Smith then proceeds to get some air and do a full-force flop onto his back
  • Smith continues to tumble, doing a full 360 roll on the ground before exploding into a cartwheel that nearly takes out a Fury FC staff member
  • back flip
  • chest bump the cage
  • jog to the other side and hop onto the cage for more theatrics


In a follow-up interview, Smith explained his unhinged post-fight antics.

“First off, I threw two punches and literally both landed, so I didn’t do nothing else the whole fight,” Smith said. “I’m like, ‘It’s over?’ So I stand up and I’m like, ‘This can’t be it. That s*** was wack.’ So I jump up to do a back flip and I didn’t have my grips under me, so I got the push off but I didn’t get the grip to get the rotation going. So I was just like, ‘F*** it, you’ve done this before, just make sure you don’t land on your neck’ and went all back into it.

“Once I hit, I started moving. I just kept moving. I was like, just keep it going, just put on some kind of a show, get the audience tuned in and give them more than 18 seconds because I know they’re going to be pissed off about that a little bit.”

If Smith is worried about quick finishes putting people off, he may want to slow down his current pace. The 8-0 welterweight was coming off of a 61-second knockout win this past September and he already has six first-round KOs on his résumé.

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