What’s Next for MMA in France?

On Friday 7 February, the Ministry of Sport officially announced that MMA will be regulated in France under the auspices of the French Boxing Federation. The announcement was made by Sports Minister, Roxana Maracineanu, at a dedicated press conference. [Watch press announcement video via Boxe Mag – French Language]

The Minister formalised the French Boxing Federation as host for the development of MMA until December 31, 2020. She also confirmed that MMA is now recognised in France and that professional competitions could be organised.

“This is an expected day for lovers of MMA,” said Maracineanu. “Their passion is recognised today. I took the time to discover this sport that I did not know. If I made this choice, it is for its recognition. It was not easy and I salute all the federations which have shown their interest.”

She stated that the challenge for the FFB “will be to open up, listen, and involve as many people as possible.”

So, what next for MMA in France? See below for the French Boxing Federation’s agenda for the coming months:

February 2020: An official delegation of MMA’s representatives will meet with the Boxing Federation

Mid-February 2020: Workshop meeting with the Ministry of Sports and the Director of Sports

End of February 2020: Presentation meeting for the participants in the consultation work;

March 2020: “Assises du MMA” (general presentation with the participation of MMA representatives, federations, athletes)

End of March 2020: Opening of the application process for participants in MMA working groups;

April 2020: Constitution to be formed for the MMA working groups

May 2020: Finalisation of technical and safety rules

6 June 2020: General Assembly of the French Boxing Federation and validation of the statutes, regulations and sports codes for MMA;

September 2020: Possible launch of club affiliations and MMA licenses for practitioners.

Pictured: Chaieb Rayan scores a win for France over America’s Kevin Arnold at the 2019 IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain

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