IMMAF Recognises the FPLAJDA in French Polynesia

·       Sports Minister Postpones Legalisation and Recognition The Polynesian Federation of Wrestling and Associated Disciplines (FPLAJDA) has been recognised by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), with its membership announced at a press conference on Friday 11 November in Tahiti. Hosted by the FPLAJDA as part of… […]

Junior Athlete of The Year Nominee: Reo Yamaguchi (2019 Amateur MMA Awards)

World and European junior silver medalist, Reo Yamaguchi has served as Japan’s star man over the past year, maintaining his presence under the IMMAF banner as one of the most consistent and successful junior athletes. As a product of the Alive MMA Dojo, a reputable exporter of talent to professional… […]

Team of The Year Nominee: Kazakhstan (2019 Amateur MMA Awards)

Regularly in action as one of the largest national teams on the IMMAF | WMMAA platform, Kazakhstan maintained consistency in 2019 as a continental leader with standout achievers on amateur MMA’s elite world stage. Kazakhstan ended 2018 among the prominent medal winning nations of the World Championships, earning 4 bronze… […]

Team of The Year Nominee: Russia (2019 Amateur MMA Awards)

In less than a year the Russian amateur MMA team has asserted itself as the benchmark superpower of talent cultivation and success. The Russian MMA Union, serving as the nation’s recognised governing body for MMA, joined the IMMAF fold with the team making its debut in a unified effort with… […]

Team of The Year Nominee: Bahrain (2019 Amateur MMA Awards)

Team Bahrain celebrated its greatest collective achievement in 2019, officially becoming the world’s number-one ranked national team at the senior amateur level. Bahrain’s hopefuls reset their focus upon the start of the new year, following a 2018 World Championships of mixed results. Despite hosting several top medal contenders heading into… […]