How do I join XKT?

JP Kruger EFC 12

JP Kruger EFC 12

It is very easy to join an XKT club; you simply decide which club is the closest to you as depicted on our club locations map, or situated in the most convenient location for you; contact that club’s designated contact person, which can be viewed here and find out when the next class will be held so that you can attend a free trial session to experience firsthand what you can accomplish through XKT.

Our instructors are always willing to help with information, so make sure that you have a nice chat afterwards with the shihan, sensei or sempei running the class (read more about the different ranks here) to find out about training times, costs, gear, gradings, belts and just how big a change XKT can make to you on a physical, psychological and  mental level. The instructor will provide you with a registration form that you will need to submit with your registration fees, in order to become a registered XKT member. Should you have any questions about the form, please discuss it with the instructor.

Look through the rest of the website to find out more about what we do, how we do it, how much fun we have while we do it, look at photo’s of us doing it and even see a well-known international MMA and kickboxing athlete having a cup of coffee with our instructors during Brian Ebersole’s visits to XKT. In case you may have missed it, the accompanying photo shows our Sensei JP Kruger at EFC 12.


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